As I look at life through the eyes of one,
and see the world around me,
I wonder if the thoughts in peoples’ heads,
are swimming amongst the sea. 
The troubling thoughts of everyday life,
the plauging memories of who they might be,
Of things of past and futures untold,
and all the things demanding. 
I wonder if they had stood in my shoes,
if at all they’d understand,
That life can be cruel and daunting,
to this common ordinary man.  
To be someone not shown love,
by an unloving and heartless world,
A man who has no say,
to the world cannot say a word. 

If only they could understand,
if only that they knew,
I didn’t choose the path I walk,
as if they chose theirs too.  
It isn’t as if I woke up one day,
and said that I wanted to be hated,
God created me this way,
and I deserve to be treated; 
With as much respect and dignity,
as much as the other guy,
It’s not that I chose to be gay,
and you can’t tell me that’s a lie.  
Had I chosen my fate,
to be in love with another man,
I’d have lived a secluded life,
walking hand in hand.  
I can’t comprehend,
the hate shown to me today,
By every parent who thinks I live,
to hurt their child in some way.
I am not like others,
just because some people are bad,
I am not a pedophile,
or some person who has happened to go mad.  
I am just like the rest of you,
I bleed just like you do;
I have a heart and mind and soul,
and I aslo have a family of two. 
Please don’t judge me for who I am,
that is not your place,
I want your friendship and support,
cause I too am from the human race.  
If you find me repulsive,
just because I’m not like you;  
Please remember that society,
could possibly hate you too. 
So if you see someone,
who happens to be different; 
Think of it like this,
for you they might have been sent;  
For tomorrow you may not know,
what may come to pass,
But that single person,
just might be the person,
that you help the last.
 © M. Crilly

May 2004