After reading this chapter, it has made me realize that, in my personal opinion, most people that I have talked with and researched, would benefit more from Solution-Focused Brief Therapy than any other type of therapy.

While reading this section specifically, I realized the difference in how a client is asked by their therapist the various questions.  For example, the Miller family, whom I will be counseling for my term paper, came to me with major family issues.  Traditional therapists would have asked the simple questions like, “So what brings you here today?”  For this family, that question would not be a great start to their therapy.  Let me explain a little bit about this family and why I say that.

Bill and Judy have been together since their high school years, married right out of high school, tried to attend college and in so doing wound up having their first child, Brian.  After Brian is born, they have two more children, Lauren and Tina.  Bill works for a store similar to Lowe’s and sells plumbing fixtures while Judy works as a dental assistant.  The family cannot seem to keep Judy’s sister, Linda out of the house.  Neither of the parents can tell their parents to let them live their lives and raise their kids the way they seem fit.


I believe that working together with the family to change the situation would be better than trying to fix the problems fot them.  Granted this family definitely is dealing with various issues, but I believe that if I work together with the Miller family, they might be able to have a better home life with each other.