Strategic therapy is the chief means that I encompassed in trying to facilitate people to advance all the way through their problems when they have come to me for help and advice in the past.  Nevertheless this is the first time that I have heard the appropriate vocabulary and the suitable traditions to use these ideas.

As I have been the individual that many of my friends come to for help and advice, I have tried to help them become conscious that one of the chief components in any manner of relationships is communication.  This seemed to be easier said than done before.  Nevertheless, now I realize the proper method needed in supporting others in their communication skills and awareness.

This chapter also gave me the opportunity to take a deeper look and get a better insight into the communication behaviors that my husband and I have had for the last year toward one another.  For example, the communication that I have used in our relationship, is that I shriek or squabble over the house being disarray and that “I seem to do it all.”  Because of this, I despise how I have communicated this across to him.  My husband additionally seems to get depressed and engrosses all of his feelings towards my rejection of a filthy house.  This is definitely getting us no where.  It seems to me that we are in a first-order change when a second-order change is truly needed.

Finally, in retrospect to this chapter, I realize that this is the way that I desire to counsel people.  I am looking at the diverse methods and theories of family counseling, and although this chapter, and for that matter this course in general, seems to have me bearing in mind that these models and theories could actually be used on an individual basis as well.  The strategic models that were defined here in this chapter will unquestionably be a focal point for me to use in counseling; certainly, all depends on the technique and the client.