Okay. So we have all been hearing everything in regards to Proposition 8 in California. Well I finally have new things that I would like to add besides statistical numbers.

First of all, Proposition 8 was already raising funds back in December of 2007. Most of the supporters of Proposition 8 were of religious affiliations. (Now is not the time to go into that, I don;t need o whole other can of worms opening up in my comments.) Secondly, accordingto unnamed sources, less than an hour after the California Supreme court set their ruling in regards to same-sex marriage, supporters for Proposition 8 filed their papers to get the measure on the ballot, although they had their signatures approximately 40 days before the court ruling.

Next the fact of the state’s judicial offices being a place of obscure and total ignorance in regards to this whole situation. On the 15th of May, after I had heard the ruling on same-sex marriage, I went down to the courthouse and was told that it could take as little as three weeks or as much as a year before I could apply for a same-sex marriage license. Well if you know me well enough, and for those who do not, I say horse pucky. (I try my best to keep this as clean as possible.)

Well as we all know, it took 33 days before we could even get our marriage licenses to get married. Than on November 5th when the state said that the ruling was going to be Yes on 8, the courts automatically ceased all marriages and marriage applications for same-sex couples. Now normally most propositions do not go into effect until January 1 or July 1 of the next year, but not in this case; it was immediately.  On top of this, I cannot believe how all of this turned out.

It took the supreme court 223 days to rule on same-sex marriage and a document that consisted of 115 pages and 58,984 words according to my Microsoft Word file, while the Proposition 8 title and definition consisted of a total of two sentences for the title and two for the definition as well as a total of 31 words between the both of them. And all of this came about in 173 days.
So it took the opponents of same-sex marriage and Proposition 8, 50 less days and 58,953 less words to destroy what was found as injust, unethical, and descriminatory.

It just burns my buttons to know that the right wing conservatives used their ploys and tactics along with all their blatant lies to get people to vote yes on an issue that would benefit us all. What really bites though, is knowing that many “religious” organizations supported this proposition (as well as the ones in Arizona and Florida and the proposition in Arkansas in regards to adoption and foster care), the whole while knowing that they were lying through their teeth. They all knew that the ballot measure said nothing to the fact of education and non-profit organizations, or churches, that chose not to marry any same-sex couples. All their campaigns were bogus and in my opinion they are no worse than the pharisees and sadducees of Jesus time. They are the money changers and whore mongers of the contemporary uban society church, with their personal “cultural” values that they feel they have to pour down every persons throught, preaching apostilization and Jesus’ life and the only way to get to heaven, but the whole time, they are lying, cheating, stealing, full of malice and hatred and in my opinion, these are the ones who are definitely not filled with the fruits of the Spirit. The Bible teaches that the fruits of the Spirit are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. In many cases I saw none of this in the Christians who fought for their beliefs in saying Yes on 8. All I saw was hate instead of love, sorrow instead of joy, fighting and destruction of property instead of peace, impatience for the election results to say that Prop 8 passed, unkindness and ruthlessness to those who were against Prop 8, (the only fruit I saw) they did however have faithfulness for their beliefs and their opinions, they were however, down right bitter and rude instead of having a gentleness about them, and lets not even get started on self-control.

I will say that the some of the gay community was not any better, but as a “Christian” what does that say about ones walk with their God.

Now I would like to state for the record, that although I was raised Christian, and specifically in the Assembly of God church, I believe in the Bible and that Jesus is the only way to the Father.  I also believe in the fruits of the Spirit.  And I believe as well, that many words in the Bible had no definition from one language to another, so they had to find what words they thought were the closest meanings, thus causing the issues with the word homosexuality in the Bible. (Then there is also misinturpretations; but I will save that for another time.)

Now I know that I will probably get some hate mail over this, but I am just pointing out the facts as I see them and what has been publicized in the media.  So please, if you are offended by this, I am sorry.  If you are disgusted at my thoughts, lifestyle, or topic of my post, simply move on and you don’t have to read any more posts from me ever again.  But if this encouraged you to take a look at who is telling you how to live and vote and everything else that you do in your life, or it simply encouraged you as a human being, by all means feel free to leave me a post.  And for anyone who does leave an offensive post, rather it be a hate post or the use of excessive foul language, you will be reported.