Okay, the numbers have been totalled and are now final.
I would like to start with the lowest county that had votes. Tulare County. This happens to be where I live. According to the Secretary of State website, Tulare County had 242,201 eligible voters with 146,415 registered voters. That is approximately 60.5% of the eligible voters that are registered. There were a total of 106,551 of these 146,415 registered voters who actually voted. This is approximately 72.77% of the registered voters actually voting and approximately 43.99% of the eligible voters voted. These numbers are from the California Secretary of States website.  {http://www.sos.ca.gov/elections/sov/2008_general/3_voter_part_stats_by_county.pdf}
Proposition 8 passed with a total of 7,001,084 votes while the NO votes totaled 6,401,482; a difference of 599,602 votes. 47.763% is the closest number that I was able to come up with for the NO votes and 52.237% yes votes, yet the state shows that it was only 47.7% . I think someone needs to go back to school and be reminded that when a number is 5 or greater after thenth of a percent, if that is how they are counting, they need to change the number up one. So it tells me that the person that was putting in the totals of all the numbers either a) didn’t care what they were doing, b) wasn’t paying attention to what they were doing, or c) they were possibly biased towards a yes vote on Prop 8.  Maybe we should ask for a recount on this?
Also, I think that this is a totally biased outcome since the majority of bond and proposition issues must have a 2/3 majority in order to pass?  Why did it still pass if it wasn’t a 2/3 majority vote?  What is our state government trying to pull? This is garbage. These people in the state assembly, and state offices need to be looked at closely and possibly recalled for their inapropriate actions and unfair practices. I would call it the “CALIFORNIA BIASED RECALL.”