Today I heard some sad news. It appears that Eartha Kitt has made her transition at the age of 81.

Eartha Kitt was a very sultry, talented and beautiful performer. There is so much that the media has on this story but I would like to give my personal obit.

Eartha Kitt was the perfect diva. Now as a gay man, most gay men themselves and even more so drag queens may fight me over this, but the Merriam-Webster’s Online Dictionary defines diva as a usually glamorous and successful female performer or personality and this describes Eartha to a ‘T.’

About three years ago I found out that Miss Kitt had not only an acting career, but a singing career as well and I started looking for more of her music. When I started listening to her many various genres of music I fell in love with her instantly. As a drag queen, I have performed numerous times to her music and will dedicate this next year to focus on her music, not to say I won’t perform other songs, but I will focus my year on Eartha.

Some of her beloved songs are “I Want To Be Evil,” “Champagne Tastes,” “I Love Men,” & “I’d Rather Be Burned As A Witch.”

Eartha was dearly beloved to my drag persona and I will be ever indebted to her for her talent. She is an inspiration to aspire her career with the childhood she came from and it is with humility that I take off my wig and heels to this dear precious talent and I bow my head in mourning to a great loss in the music and acting world.