Mahavira Tangakwunu Baladev…….28 year old Groom of Native American and Indian Descent
Roberto Miguelangelo…………………………30 year old Groom of Italian and Mexican Descent
Menaha………………………………………………………….Mahavira’s Indian Hindu Mother
Cheveyo………………………………………………..………… Mahavira’s Hopi Indian Father
Isabella………………………………………………Roberto’s Hispanic, Roman Catholic Mother
Donatello……………………………………………….Roberto’s Italian, Roman Catholic Father
Muna…………………………………………. Mahavira’s paternal Grandmother and Hopi Elder
Hemendu…………………………………………………………………………Mahavira’s Uncle
Hania………………………………………………………………….Mahavira’s younger brother
Aaron……………………………………………Best Man, Roberto and Mahavira’s closest friend
Chorus…………………………………………………………………………………Five women
Wedding Attendants/ Various Family Members……………………………Audience Participation

The Gay Wedding


Preference of performance is to be in an outdoor garden, park, or amphitheatre.

Entrance to theatre is decorated in various aspects of the Hopi Indian, Mexican, Italian, and Indian/ Hindu cultures. Various wedding ceremony decorations to include religions are also on display. As wedding guests arrive, the audience, they will be asked if they are with the groom’s family or the groom’s family. They shall then be seated to opposite sides of the auditorium as they enter.

A large, beautiful series of gardens. Two Ganesh statues are standing in front of the mandap. In the center of the gardens stands a mandap, a sacred wedding canopy, the sacred structure supported by four pillars in which the grooms are seated and take their wedding vows. Inside the mandap are the chairs upon which the grooms will be seated facing the attendees of the wedding ceremony, the havan, or sacred fire, placed directly in the center of the mandap, the shilarohan, or sacred rock, placed in between the grooms’ chairs, and a kneeling bench on each side of the mandap placed in front of two small chairs. Underneath the pieces of furniture is an ornate oriental rug. Aaron enters from stage left as Mahavira and Roberto enter from the rear of the auditorium heading to opposite sides of the stage. Aaron is dressed casual as both Mahavira and Roberto are dressed for an important ceremony in their different religions.
Additional props will be set under the mandap including garlands, a mangalustra (gold wedding necklace), gifts from both grooms to the parents, varamala (sacred rope), pots of water, rice, and flowers.

AARON. (Looks out above the audience in contemplation. Speaking slowly and clearly, as if thinking out loud.) It was 20 years ago, yet it only seems like last month that they met.
MAHVIRA & ROBERTO. (Reach out their right hands in a gesture to shake another.) Hi my name is…
MAHAVIRA. (In unison with Roberto.) Mahavira. It is nice to meet you.
ROBERTO. (In unison with Mahavira.) Roberto. It is nice to meet you.
MAHAVIRA. (Steps forward as Aaron speaks in regards to him.)
AARON. Mahavira had just moved to Santa Barbara from Window Rock, Arizona. His father, Cheveyo, had just retained a position with a law firm that required their primary residency to be in Southern California. His mother, Menaha, however was a bit hesitant as they would be leaving all their family and friends behind. She had built a great bond with her mother-in-law, Muna, who also was the tribal priestess and one of the oldest elders of the clan. Cheveyo knew that this would be very difficult for the children and even more difficult for his wife, however, he thought about the advantages and how much they outweighed the disadvantages of moving. (Moving towards Mahavira.) When Mahavira had started third grade, the school soon learned that not only was he intelligent, but his education was equal to that of a fifth grader. After much deliberation with Cheveyo and Menaha, the school chose to move Mahavira up to the fifth grade. This is where he met Roberto.
ROBERTO. (Moving forward.) We are reading ‘How to Eat Fried Worms.’
MAHAVIRA. (Making a funny face.) That sounds gross.
AARON. (Moves back to center stage.) This was the beginning of a friendship that would lead to many years of friendship and love. Both Roberto and Mahavira attended the same schools from fifth grade up through high school. After they both graduated, they each went away to different universities.
AARON. Roberto attended Middle Tennessee State University to study computer programming while Mahavira chose to study Asian American Studies and Religious Studies at Stony Brook University in New York, all the while trying their best to keep in touch. After being away for six years, both boys came home to help their families and find work close to home. Roberto, started working for Google as a tele-commuting, product development program analyst, while Mahavira was offered a position at Asican Religious Enlightenment College as head instructor of Hindu studies.
MAHAVIRA & ROBERTO. (Move to opposite sides of the room and stand at edge of stage .)
AARON. Soon after, they got together to talk about their lives and their experiences at college.
ROBERTO. (Addressing the back of the audience, lights dim and spotlight brightened on Roberto and dim on Mahavira.) I remember all the incredible things about Tennessee. Six years of school and internship brings a lot of experience to ones life.
MAHAVIRA. (Addressing the back of the audience, lights dim and spotlight brightened on Mahavira and dim on Roberto. This continues throughout this series of soliloquies.) New York was quite exciting as well. The urban life of the city was much different than what I am used to here at home.
ROBERTO. My first thought that I remember after arriving in Tennessee was, ‘What did I get myself into?’

…..15 lines removed…..

ROBERTO. So Carlos and I had returned to his cousins and went down to bed and talked for the next two hours. I never knew someone could be so kind and sweet to me. He told me how much he had cared since we first started hanging out and that he really had wanted to tell me for several months, but was afraid that I would hate him.
MAHAVIRA. There was this one specific performer that was just perfect. I believe they called her Empress Panzi. I wasn’t sure if Empress was part of her name or if it was some sort of title, but I would find out later that year. Damn, she was amazing though.
ROBERTO. After our trip to Memphis, I come to the realization that it was in the city, rather it be Memphis, Nashville, or Los Angeles, that I would be able to make the money that I was worth.
MAHAVIRA. For some reason, our junior year…..
ROBERTO. …went by extremely fast.
MAHAVIRA. Throughout the summers, vacations, and the every other weekend trips to the city, I had come to experience so much culture that I could not have imagined the difference between home in Santa Barbara and a big city like New York. With crime very different in the city than at home, the entertainment capital of the world, and the various types of people who lived here; it made me wonder if I would prefer to be here or be at home with Bap, Ma, and Hania. Needless to say, how could I leave now? I am in love with Adam and don’t ever want that to end.
ROBERTO. At the end of my junior year, I was offered an internship with MuzaComp, a company specializing in computer programming for recording studios. This also started pulling Carlos and I apart.
MAHAVIRA. Throughout my senior year, Adam and I grew closer and stronger as a couple. We frequented the city as often as we could and would either make a weekend out of it by staying with our friends, Mike and James, or we would come back to the apartment if we had a lot of homework to finish.
ROBERTO. I started working for MuzaComp in May and by October I was known all over the state of Tennessee for my expertise in music computer programming. It was amazing to be able to work with some of the great musicians of today; I got to work with Shania Twain at Universal Music Group Nashville, Dolly Parton at Dollywood for the Christmas season, along with Faith Hill, Kenny Chesney, and LeAnne Rimes at Love Shack Recording Studios. The people that I have met while in Tennessee. I would never meet anyone like that in Santa Barbara.
MAHAVIRA. For Thanksgiving my senior year, Adam chose to give us a weekend in the city. He took me to see Spamalot, Chicago, and Wicked on Broadway. We were able to spend a day in Little Italy, China Town and Tribeca, spent a day in Chelsea, and of course went shopping for the holidays in the biggest city in America.
ROBERTO. (Roberto and Mahavira cross to opposite sides of the stage. Now looking at the front row of audience.) After graduation, Carlos was unable to handle the fact that I was working for Dolly Parton at Dollywood for my first six months of internship. It wasn’t until that September that he realized that we were not going to work out.
MAHAVIRA. After we both graduated, we both had different focuses in our education and careers. I wanted to obtain my Masters at the same institution and Adam chose to obtain his Masters at NYU in Art Education.
ROBERTO. We tried everything we could to stay together, but it was difficult for Carlos as I was having to work long odd hours and was never able to do much of anything else other than work.
MAHAVIRA. After our first year of our Masters programs, and doing all we could to be together, Adam had met someone named Robert and started going out often with him and then it happened….
ROBERTO. …we broke up.

…..15 lines removed…..

MAHAVIRA. (In shock, sits down on the edge of the stage.) Rob, I cannot believe that you kept that hidden from me this long. You know that I had a boyfriend in college. Why couldn’t you tell me?
ROBERTO. (Sitting down next to Mahavira. Speaking hesitantly.) I was afraid you would think that I was weird. Or that maybe it would ruin our friendship.
MAHAVIRA. (Reaching out grabbing hold of Roberto’s hand.) Rob. I have been in love with you since tenth grade. I just never wanted to tell you because I was afraid you would hate me.
ROBERTO. I have always known you had a crush on me, I just didn’t know if you ever wanted to pursue anything because it was me.
MAHAVIRA. (Placing his arm around Roberto’s shoulder while taking hold of his hand with his other hand.) Well then. I think we have a love story for the books. So what do we do now?
ROBERTO. I say we start out slow like any other relationship and see what happens from there.
MAHAVIRA. I agree. And with that there is one thing I have wanted to say for the last nine years.
ROBERTO. (Looking over at Mahavira.) What is that?
MAHAVIRA. (Placing his arms around the back of Roberto’s neck.) I love you, Roberto.
ROBERTO. I love you too, Mahi. (Roberto and Mahavira get up, kiss each other intimately on the lips, then exit stage left while holding hands.)
AARON. (Walking across stage right.) This has been the story of Mahavira and Roberto up to today. Many times there were trials and tribulations. Both Mahavira’s father and Roberto’s parents had a hard time accepting the fact that their sons were gay and in love. Mahavira’s mother, Menaha, however was very understanding. This was not an issue in her religion, all though she grew up in India, and the cultural standards were harsh against gay men and lesbian women, the religious beliefs she had in Hindu said that all sexuality is a gift from the gods. Although Cheveyo was born and raised on the Hopi reservation, and his culture traditionally had no problems with homosexuality, Cheveyo had an issue with homosexuality being in his lineage. Roberto’s parents had a very hard time with it both religiously and culturally since his mother, Isabella, was Roman Catholic and was of Mexican decent while his father, Donatello, was of Italian decent and was also Roman Catholic.
About a year ago, Roberto and Mahavira invited their parents for dinner to inform them that they wanted to get married. After what seemed to be an eternity of silence, Donatello chimed in.
DONATELLO. (Off stage.) So my question is, are you both in love with each other?
ROBERTO & MAHAVIRA. (In unison off stage.) Yes.
ISABELLA. (Off stage.) Then all we ask is that you do not focus on just your own beliefs, but include each others beliefs in whatever you choose.
MENAHA. (Off stage.) Mahi. You know that your father and I have always taught you to respect another person’s beliefs, traditions, religion and culture. All we ask is that you do not try to change Roberto to be something that he is not.

…..15 lines removed…..

ISABELLA. (Interupting Donatello.) WE can not intrude on his life. We did that before, and look what happened. He chose a great career, but he lived so far from home for six years. Do we really want to take that chance again?
DONATELLO. I guess you’re right. I am just scared for his well being in the afer-life.
ISABELLA. I know dear. So am I. But all we can do is pray for him and let God do what needs to be done. All we can do is just trust and believe.
AARON. (Crossing stage left.) For the next few minutes, the four parents talked with each other while Roberto and Mahavira sat quietly holding each others hands while across the room.
DONATELLO. (Walking over to Roberto and Mahavira. Roberto and Mahavira rise from their seats. In heavy Italian accent.) Mia figlio. We have talked about this love you have for each other. We know you both have been best of friends forever. We never would want to try and hinder your love. We as your parents have had a difficult time with this as we know how we have raised you in the Church. But we know that we cannot hinder you. With this said, both your mother and I along with Mahi’s beautiful parents, Menaha and Cheveyo, have agreed that you can marry each other.
CHEVEYO. (Stepping up, next to Donatello.) However, all we ask is that you do three things in your wedding. One, honor your cultural heritages. Two, honor and respect your individual religious beliefs. And three, Mahavira, you must be married by your muhma, Muna. She knows the ways of the Hopi. She has studied the beliefs of the Hindu. She has learned the ways of the Indian. And she is the only one who was granted your life unification with the one whom you love.
ROBERTO. (Taking hold of his parents’ hands.) Padre. (Leaning down and kissing Donatello’s right hand.) Madre. (Leaning in and kissing his mother’s right cheek.) Grazie. I know that you have taught me how to be a respectable man and to treat my love with the utmost respect. Ti amo.
MAHAVIRA. (Kneeling before his parents.) Bap. Ma. Ganesha be blessed. You have accepted me for who I am. You have accepted my love for who he is. May you and your house be protected by Vishnu and Tawa for all your days.
EVERYONE. (Exit stage right. Roberto and Mahavira exit first while holding hands. Donatello and Isabella exit with their arms around one another. Cheveyo and Menaha exit with Cheveyo holding Menaha’s hands in both of his.)


Roberto and his family arrive early in a procession with Roberto riding an elephant from the rear of the auditorium that leads them to stage right where they will await the wedding ceremony to begin. When Roberto arrives to the front of the auditorium he is received by Menaha and escorted to the mandap. He then gives her a coconut.

Roberto and Aaron are now escorted by Menaha and Cheveyo to the mandap. Cheveyo then escorts Menaha to their seats on the right hand side of the mandap into the smaller canopy.

Hemendu now escorts Mahavira to the mandap as Mahavira carries Roberto’s marriage garland.

HEMENDU. Mahavira, you know that the traditions of the Hindu wedding are very important.
MAHAVIRA. Uncle, I do.
HEMENDU. However, I know that there are other traditions that you have through your father’s side of the family. Understand that although this is an untraditional Hindu/Indian wedding, I give my blessing on your marriage to Roberto.
MAHAVIRA. Uncle, I thank you. It means a lot to me that you give us your blessing.
MUNA. (Spoken to the attendants of the wedding.) Namaste. Dhanyavad. We have gathered together to wed Mahavira Tangakwunu Baladev, which means Great Hero, Rainbow, Strong Person, the son of Cheveyo, which means Spirit Warrior, and Menaha, which means Celestial Damsel, to Roberto Miguelangelo, which means Bright fame, Who is like God an angel, the son of Donatello, which means Given, and Isabella, which means Consecrated to God. As a spirit warrior, the muhma or grandmother of Mahavira, an elder in the Hopi tradition, and a high priestess in the Hopi faith, I proclaim that today these two wonderful young men build together the foundation of their marriage upon earth, in the presence of the sacred fire and the radiant sun and among their family and friends.
ROBERTO & MAHAVIRA. (Take seats under opposite sides of the mandap, directly across from the other.)

…..15 lines removed…..

MAHAVIRA, ROBERTO, & HANIA. (Mahavira cups his hands and places them in Roberto’s hands, which are also cupped. Hania puts rice into Mahavira’s hands. Together, Roberto and Mahavira pour the mixture into the havan. Mahavira & Roberto walk around the havan four times, alternating who leads.)
MUNA. Om Svaha! With the first turn, we pray for happiness in the union of the couple.
EVERYONE. We beseech Thee, O Lord.
MUNA. That these, thy servants, Mahavira Tangakwunu Baladev and Roberto Miguelangelo, be sanctified with thy spiritual benediction. Om Svaha! With the second turn, we pray for the long life of the couple.
EVERYONE. We beseech Thee, O Lord.
MUNA. That their love abides without offense or scandal all the days of their lives. Om Svaha! With the third turn, we pray for the healthy life of the couple.
EVERYONE. We beseech Thee, O Lord.
MUNA. That you, Lord God, grant unto them, unashamed faithfulness and sincere love. Om Svaha! With the fourth turn, we pray for the happiness and health of the couple.
EVERYONE. We beseech Thee, O Lord.
MUNA. For all those invited to join our joyous celebration today, who have been kept away by their own or other’s fears.
MAHAVIRA & ROBERTO. (The groom’s now take their seats again.)
MUNA. (Watches the grooms take their seats then announces to the audience and the rest of the family.) {Mahavira/Roberto} has taken his seat first and in the Indian culture he shall be the boss in the marriage. Now it is time to confirm the marriage.
MAHAVIRA & ROBERTO. (Rise from their seats and prepare to take seven steps.)
MUNA. (Addressing Mahavira & Roberto.) I ask you, Roberto & Mahavira, to concentrate upon these seven vows as you take these seven steps: With the first step, the couple invokes the Gods for a plentitude of food. With the second step, the couple prays to the Gods to give them both mental and physical strength and a healthy life free from ailments. The third step is for the fulfillment of spiritual obligation for the couple and for the successful performance of their spiritual duties. The fourth step is for the attainment of happiness in all walks of life. The fifth step is to pray for the welfare of all living entities in the entire Universe. The sixth step is for perfect harmony as they invoke the prayer and sacrifice for universal peace. As they take the seventh step, may Mahavira and Roberto always be the best of friends.
MAHAVIRA & ROBERTO. (In honor of their understanding of other faiths and their best friend, Aaron, they take one more step and break the traditional glass in a cloth.) Mozaltof! (They continue by taking seats to one side of the mandap and feeding each other sweets, four times. Mahavira and Roberto are interrupted by their mothers after their fourth sweet that each of them have eaten.)

…..Remainder of the play, 7 lines, removed…..