1. Based on this theory, describe the role of the therapist in relation to the client.
According to the Freudian beliefs in psychoanalytic theory, the therapist is there to assist the client in bringing to the conscious level represses impulses that are causing anxiety. The therapist also uses the basic techniques of free association to help the client verbalize what is on their mind, through transference it is by allowing the client to direct emotional feelings toward the therapist as though the therapist were the original object that caused the feelings, and through interpretation, the therapist helps the client to intellectualize and replace the superego functions with ego functions.

2. Apply this theory’s explanation of personality development to the individual(s) in this case.
It appears that Joseph has a weakened ego state and therefore his Id is bringing overt behaviors to his thoughts to do “bad things” as well as allowing such dreams to come through to his conscious state.

3. Apply the theory’s explanation of maladaptive/ abnormal behavior development to the individual(s) in this case.
Adler believed that this maladaptive/ abnormal behavior most likely developed from his mother’s behaviors and the environment in which he is in, causing him thoughts and dreams of doing bad things, of hurting his mother and visions of evil faces. The most predominant reason is that Joseph’s mother, Claire, is abusive and causing bodily harm to him as well as verbally abusing Joseph. This is most likely caused by her excessive drinking in order for her to avoid the fact that her father used to abuse her, verbally, physically, and sexually from the age of 11 to 16. This is Claire’s defense mechanism in order to continuously repress the memories of her father’s abusive behavior.

4. What are some of the goals for the individual(s) in this case based on the theory?
I would first advise Henry that he needs to pursue temporary permanent custody of Joseph until Claire has received help to deal with her repression. I would also recommend that she go into therapy for these issues she has been dealing with as well as full family therapy with Henry and Joseph. I would then work with Joseph to bring his ego and superego back to normal states.

5. Describe the use of this theory’s specific treatment techniques and interventions with the individual(s) in this case.
For both Joseph and Claire, individually, they would need to engage in early recollections of their memories of the abusive parent. I would then ask them to also describe their family constellation. In doing so, I will be able to assist them better in understanding the problem, to focus on repairing the ego and to work on developing new behaviors; such as, for Claire, attend A.A. meetings and remove all alcohol from her life.

6. Describe the theory’s pertinent basic concepts, principles and/ or tenants that have not been explored elsewhere in this activity. Describe them relative to the case presented.
With Claire possibly having reaction formation as well, it is possible that all of this could have been going on longer than initially noted. If so, it is also possible of an undeveloped ego state by Joseph and in relationship to his mother. Without proper counseling, Joseph’s ego functions, specifically his impulse economics and cognitive function, may need to be addressed as well later on down the road.