1. Based on this theory, describe the role of the therapist in relation to the client.
The counselor(s) should see themselves as an assistant in the specialized learning process.
2. Apply this theory’s explanation of personality development to the individual(s) in this case.
Joey has to obey his father with his complex behavior by bullying others for their lunch money through his imitative learning. This is due to the fact that his father always wants him to bring home money to him on a daily basis so that he can go to the bar and race track. It is this complex behavior that has happened because of an imitative behavior. By modeling his father’s behaviors, Joey is how acting out avoiding doing his homework and when he isn’t providing his father with what his father wants, he pushes him down and therefore is known as “accident prone.”
3. Apply the theory’s explanation of maladaptive/ abnormal behavior development to the individual(s) in this case.
Through his father’s S-r-s-R responses, we can see that Joey is learning the same behaviors through his father’s external behaviors (anger and raised fist), which then caused by his own (the father’s) covert responses (coming down from his alcohol high). This later in turn brings about the internal stimulus (the desire for more alcohol) bringing about the external responses of hurting Joey and getting angry at him.
4. What are some of the goals for the individual(s) in this case based on the theory?
The first goal is to assist Joey in not following the learned behaviors that his father is showing him. Secondly I would like to help his father overcome this S-r-s-R cycle and start him into a self-management program to focus on the internal processes.
5. Describe the use of this theory’s specific treatment techniques and interventions with the individual(s) in this case.
One of the areas that need to be covered is teaching Joey positive reinforcement and what good primary and secondary reinforcements are as well. After this I would work both with Joey and both of his parents to establish specific goals to change the cycle of abuse and the possibility of Joey going down the path towards conduct disorder and eventually antisocial personality disorder.
6. Describe the theory’s pertinent basic concepts, principles and/ or tenants that have not been explored elsewhere in this activity. Describe them relative to the case presented.
To make the counseling session easier, I would make sure to be warm and empathetic towards all members of the family. I would also allow them to have the freedom to express all of their concerns in a safe place. I would take an active part in the counseling sessions of each participant as individuals as well as the entire family.
One of the ways that I would also help Joey is to work with him in implosive therapy and teach him to associate some type of neutral stimuli, such as a tree or river, and in so doing trade those thoughts of the fearful stimulus, his father attacking him, for thoughts of the neutral stimuli.
Third I would also take the father’s S-r-s-R responses and work with him through extinction, giving him reinforced incompatible behaviors, modeling and eventually contracting.