Ok. So the question of the day is do you have a phobia?

If not, think again.

Maybe you have a Fear of hell, (or as I call it, California)
Then you would be diagnosed with Hadephobia

Maybe you have a Fear of tornadoes and hurricanes
I would diagnose you with Lilapsophobia.

If you have a Fear of an erect penis,
Guess what? You will be diagnosed with Medorthophobia

Then again it could be having a Fear of your step-mother
Well you would be diagnosed as Novercaphobia

Maybe it is a Fear of belly buttons
Hear you go again. Omphalophobia

If you are afraid of ghosts
Phasmophobia or Spectrophobia

Maybe you are just afraid of phobias.
You guessed it. That is its own phobia too. Phobophobia

Well, if there is something you are afraid of, you might find it listed on http://www.phobialist.com/

Hope you find this Ataxophobia free. (Fear of disorder’s)