Although the book does not mention very much on the topic of sexuality in culture, I find this a very interesting topic for adolescence. Looking back on that period of my life, I remember wanting to understand better what it was sexually that I was feeling. I remember having sex with a few of my friends and thinking that I knew all there was to know about the sexual experience. I realize now that I was very uneducated as to what exactly sexual intercourse was as a gay male.
In our culture, although sexual intercourse may be very liberal among adolescents, it seems that adults are trying everything they can to stop that. Back in my junior year, I recall talking to a county social worker with Child Protective Services and asking them for help to try and change who I was as a gay male, this was all brought on by the fact that I was taught that homosexuality is wrong and a sin and God couldn’t love homosexuals. After we had talked for nearly an hour, these social workers said that they would do everything to help me.
After months of not hearing anything, I was summonsed to court and told that I was being charged with the sexual assault of a minor and a minor under the age of fourteen. This all was brought into play by a social worker or workers that pried into my life without my knowledge, convinced the fifteen year old and thirteen year old that I had had sexual relations with that I had raped them and forced them to perform sexual acts with me. Because of these people prying into my life, I had to deal with the harassment of the judicial system agreeing with the thirteen year old every time he would say that I had made him do something. (This finally played a portion in my favor when he said that I had called him and told him that he needed to be out in front of his house naked in the street, otherwise I would kill his family. All of this supposedly took place while I was at work and all my work records were subpoenaed.)
Unfortunately, I see that our judicial system and child protective services haven’t changed much over the years. I agree that there should be punishment for those that break the law, yes and even if they didn’t know better, like me at the age of 15. I am not saying that I should not have been punished, or anyone else for that matter, but for the CPS to open a can of worms so to speak, it makes me wonder if our government is not trying to control our adolescents’ lives by changing facts and by trying to cause more problems for someone when they are only seeking help.
I believe that an adolescent has a hard enough time growing up during this stage of their life. When we as a society add cultural pressures and the idea of sex and sexuality to the picture, it just makes their lives a little bit more complex to understand sometimes. It is my belief, that although it is a parents right to guide their adolescent(s) morally, every adolescent should have to take classes that deal not only with sexual intercourse, but also human sexuality. If we as a culture would stop focusing on what the so called “rights” and “wrongs” are, maybe we could actually help our adolescents grow up to be a better society and less judgmental of others for who they are and their sexuality.