Well, what can one say in a case such as this?

In light of all that I read, Andrea Yates definately was ill. With the various doctors that she had and the long list of drugs, it is only obvius that she was either borderline schizophrenic or was completely schizophrenic. Recently I did a paper on schizophrenia, so it makes sense that she was either near or full blown schizophrenic.

In regards to the testimonies, I would have to say that the defense teams premise was on adequate grounds when saying that she was unfit to stand trial since she was insane at the time of the murders. A sanity plea would definately be in order if an individual is schizophrenic and were to commit a crime.

However, with the various evidence given from the prosecution, if you were to take into account the fact the Andrea Yates adimately admitted to murdering her children as well as saying herslef that she deserves to be put to death for it, along with the “with the 911 call, the testimony of police officers who responded to the scene, Andrea’s prison confession, and with autopsy reports from medical examiners. Jurors heard about how one child had strands of his mother’s hair clamped in his little fist” (Andrea Yates: Ill or Evil?, 2009), the defense had a perfect arguement that she was not insane at the time of the murder.

The one loop that through it back into court in an appeals case, after the trial had ended, was the propoganda used when the defense called Dr. Park Dietz to the stand. Without the knowledge of the defense team (from what I read) Dr. Dietz did not state the fact of the matter that he was a consultant for the NBC drama Law & Order. This caused the biggest issue of all, the right to appeal on basis of this new information.

It is my opinion that Andrea Yates does need to be punished for her acts, however, I believe that the defense was right in saying that she was insane at the time of the murder. Part of this is in light of what at least one psychiatrist said, that they could tell that Andrea Yates was ill, and quite possibly schizophrenic, and this was easily seen within the first week after her arrest, and that this would have been a case that would not necissarily been easy to see coming since it could have taken her weeks to get better if she remained on the medication.

Therefore, I conclude that Andrea Yates was guilty, by reason of insanity and should have been placed in a mental health institution.