Recently with the Proposition 8 battle, I had been asked by our local newspaper for an interview for the USA Today. The interview took place in December and then officially was published in March during the court huring on Prop 8 here at California’s Supreme Court.

Well when the ruling came downfrom the state supreme court, I was called that day ans asked what my opinion was. I clearly stated, “I guess that we will be moving to Iowa now.”

Low and be hold, I never thought that my name would be on national radio for that. The week that the state supreme court made their decision my quote was published in the USA Today and eventually quoted on the radio program “Wait. Wait. Don’t tell me.”

So my partner and I looked it up and either of the two articles has not only been published or quoted nationally, but also in the Green Bay Gazette, All Green to Me (in Delaware), and in the European Media Monitor.

Here are the links. Just to let you know, I go by my husbands last name in the paper, I am listed as Michael Riddle-Crilly.,cnn-9fd24b5d18b91f4aabb06947e7889935.html

(Click on the listen to the show and my name is mentioned around the 7 minute marker.)