The current decision that I am facing has to deal with our family finances. I have been working for our church for the last three years as the janitor and receive a stipend of $100 a week. With bills and groceries, we have not been able to hold it on our own for the last year.
This brings me to the decision of what kind of job do I want to work at during my Master’s program.

Through preparation, I have determined that a job at a fast food restaurant definitely is not something that I can handle during that time frame, so I have been preparing myself for the possibility that we may have to move out of our current living situation into one that may be better suited for the financial issue at hand.
Through production, I have been able to define what the good ideas and bad ideas are when it comes to our living situation.

This then brings me to my judgment. The possible solutions are taking a job that works around my school schedule and gives me plenty of time to do my school work, have time with my husband and the occasional time needed to work with the non-profit organizations that we help out with. The other possible solution is to go ahead and return back to fast-food services and be overly stressed out, (in which this solution is not the best at hand). The final solution available is to find a job that I am able to work during the daytime, Monday through Friday, so that I can have a set schedule to work out all the important things in my life.

During this last few weeks, and over the next few months, while I am finishing up my Bachelor’s degree, I have been slowly entering the incubation period. I haven’t had the time to focus on this decision as much as I was three months ago and with us taking time out to visit my husbands family in November, I have chosen to go into a time out mode instead of heavily focussing on an issue that is possible to take care of when we return from Washington.

Recently, the AHA moment has been hitting me and my insight has been more focused. I have been able to concentrate on my school work, put in an application for work here and there without the overwhelming feeling that I need to have it completed “today,” and it has been refreshing to realize that the right employment position is out there at the right time specifically for me.