So I am currently working on research and writing a paper for an Independent study course and one of the topics that came up was “black market medications.”

I have seriously been thinking about this for the past few days and it has me disturbed to think that our society has to find pills to take for just about everything, and no less can get them from companies that do not require you to have a prescription.

Say for instance, you think you have depression because you are feeling a little blue or melancholy.  All you have to do now days is jusmp online, find an online pharmacy that does not require a prescription and have a method of payment, and vuala. Your pills are in the mail.  But what if, you choose a pill, such as Pamelor, what if you have a serious medical condition that you do not know about?  This could possibly have a harmful side effect and make you very sick or even possibly kill you.  As a student of psychology, knowing that we as psychologists are not able to prescribe medications, it is my recommendation that you speak with your medical doctor first before you try and just order your pills online.

I understand that we are all trying to skrimp and save as much as we can in these hard economic times, but, be realistic.  This is your health and life we are talking about.  No pill is worth taking if it can cause more harm and damage than what it is intended for.

So my advice to you, if you are reading this, please, do not order pills from online unless you know the source, such as CVS Pharmacy or any other major pharmacy.  Black market medications can be harmful if not vital to your health.  For your sake, please take to your medical doctor about any medications you are currently taking, any medications that you feel might benefit you and any medical problems that you are experiencing.  Your doctor is their for your health.  Let them help you out.