To give you some information about who the Musicboys / Visalia Boys are:

We are a gay couple who has been together since December 8, 2002.  Michael is 36 and Ryan is 25.  We met by chance on a phone chat line called the 206. 

Michael is wortking on his Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology at Chapman University College.  After he graduates in 2009, he hopes to be able to land a position with a non-profit LGBT organization that is in need of a counselor for the people who come in for help to talk with someone.  After a short time period off from school, Michael hopes to go back to Chapman and receive his Master’s in Psychology followed by his Ph.D. in Psychology for the Gay and Lesbian Community, then he plans to work on his BA in Music Therapy at Universtiy of Colorado, Fort Collins.  He is also hoping to receive his credentials in Floral Design/ Ornamental Horticulture and also in Intercultural Communications.

Ryan just graduated from Milan Institute with his certificate in Massage Therapy.  He will be working out of Porterville working on making people feel more relaxed in this stress filled world.  Ryan plans in the near future to attend a university where he can receive his Bachelors in Business Administration.  He also dreams of becoming a counselor for the blind and disabled.

Both Michael and Ryan have been faithfully attending Visalia’s Spiritual Awareness Center for four years and have learned so many new things through the teachings there.

Since their commitment ceremony on March 8, 2003, the have been fondly known to their friends and family as “The Boys.”  Since we have other friends who are coupled, and most of them live outside of Visalia, we took on the “Visalia Boys” and tagged everyone of our coupled “boys” with the name of the city they live in.  So if you ever hear us talking about “the boys,” it is either our “Exeter Boys,” “Madera Boys,” or “Fresno Boys.”

Michael and Ryan currently reside in Visalia with their faithful feline companions, Leo and Burnadette.